“The last call from Joseph McStay’s cell phone reportedly was

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supreme Snapbacks The last time I spoke to him was around 6 o’clock.”The last call from Joseph McStay’s cell phone reportedly was placed to Chase Merritt’s cell phone; a call Merritt claimed he did not answer.For the past three decades, Merritt has lived in and around Los Angeles and Victorville.According to public records, Merritt once lived in Apple Valley, Calif., about 12 miles away from the site where the McStay family was found buried in shallow graves.Merritt also used a mailing address in Oro Grande, Calif., according to a pair of 2011 traffic citations obtained by CBS News 8. The address listed on the traffic tickets is six miles away from the McStay grave sites.And 35 years ago, Merritt was convicted of burglarizing a house located at 15854 Kewanee in Apple Valley, Calif., just five miles away from the McStay grave sites.Despite the Victorville connection, Joseph McStay’s father, Patrick McStay, told CBS News 8 that he has a hard time believing Merritt had anything to do with the murders.”What does Chase have to gain with Joey gone? Chase isn’t going to get the company,” said Patrick McStay. “If you recall, Chase took a lie detector test and he passed.”Merritt claimed in his interview with Daily Mail that he agreed to a polygraph examination at the request of San Diego County Sheriff’s Department detectives supreme Snapbacks.

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