All data and personal information provided by the User shall be exclusive responsability of the persons providing it. Our shop uses the information provided by the User to register on the site, create personal accounts, process and track requests made by the users, answer emails and to provide information to the account of each user, as well as to send promotions, products or services and make market analysis. According to the conditions above, the user delivers these data to use of them. However, our shop will not sell, lease or exchange under any circumstances with unrelated third parties, personal information under any circumstances with unrelated third parties, personal information each user provides through the Site.

SECURITY website is a secure site; It has the highest safety standards.
All data you provide us is transmitted encrypted to our server, which has the higher barriers and protective measures to avoid any alteration, loss or access authorized. In addition, MONTEMARANO agree not to share your information with other people or companies.

The secret key of your MONTEMARANO account is strictly personal, you should not share it with any person or allow others to have access to it. Do not use personal information to create your key as addresses, names of relatives, dates of birth, identity card numbers, etc. Try to create a difficult password to guess. Never give your passwords to third parties.

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