“Paul suggests that if you look at the theory of where the

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Little of the money gets circulated back, he says. Area is so busy right now with the oil and gas industry. There people crying for workers up here. Of course, BBC Devon are biased toward their version of the cream tea, but here at BBC Cornwall we can’t help but feel it is just plain wrong to put your jam on top.The Cornwall argument even had celebrity endorsement by no other than Philip Schofield who has tweeted, “My personal preference is jam spread first, then a big dollop of Roddas on top. Any other way is an abomination.”And it must be strawberry jam, home made if possible. Served after fish and chips from Flounders in Newquay and eaten overlooking Fistral.”BBC Radio Cornwall’s James Churchfield spoke to Paul Winterton from Langage Farm in Devon and Nick Rodda from Rodda’s Clotted cream to find out their feelings towards the traditional treat and to find out why Paul feels the Devon cream tea is superior enough to gain European protection.Paul Winterton explains: “We’re taking this to another level and we’re not trying to get just get the Protected Designation of Origin of the cream which has been done before, we’ve actually got three different components to make the meal which is the Devon cream tea.”I think because the Cornish clotted cream has got the PDO, when you say a cream tea that’s the perfect bit, that’s the bit the people really want to eat when they have a cream tea is the clotted cream.”Nick Rodda say’s.”I would say that the Cornish make their cream better, and as my grandfather always jokingly said, ‘we always put our cream on the top because we are proud of it, Devonians are slightly ashamed of theirs so they cover it up with their jam’, but that’s a little bit of tongue in cheek rivalry.”Paul suggests that if you look at the theory of where the cream tea originated https://www.pandora-charm-uk.com/, it was always the jam component that was the most expensive of which Devon and Cornwall people couldn’t afford so the cream would supposedly go on first with a small portion of jam on the top of that cream, so the history pandora earrings, the provenance, comes from Devon and not Cornwall.But Nick disagrees and suggests that the Cornish cream tea is well established, used in many top London hotels, where the chefs put the cream on top.

As Durga/Vidya, Vidya Balan in her Shantiniketan batik print nighties, sweaty blouses, rumpled cotton saris swinging between home and office, is a believable portrait of a hard at it middle class mother. She is equally convincing as a hemmed in young woman, who is unable to exorcise her ghosts of the past and is thus easily able to empathise with another’s misfortune. Arjun Rampal lands up a role of consequence a cop (Inderjit Singh) with a past, with a hunger for promotion and hope of transfer to Lal Bazaar and he slips into it with ease.

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